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Loomis Lions Club
Serving the Loomis Basin and Beyond since 1953
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The club’s strength lies in its membership.  No club survives for long unless its membership is composed of dedicated and hard working people each determined to give and to give again his and her time and resources for the good of the community.  And these qualities are easily seen in the mind set of the Loomis Lions Club membership.  Their dedication is clearly depicted when they assemble as 50 volunteers to produce the club’s by-annual community crab feed.  Every member participates in this event during which individuals, many of whom are or have been attorneys, doctors, business owners, and government officials, work long hours with gloves, brooms and aprons, to raise funds for the sight impaired, student scholarships, and for a multitude of other community and foreign service projects.

The members of the Loomis Lions Club are a unique gathering of men and women.  They have come to Lionism for sometimes different reasons.  Many admit they sought out the club because of its reputation for helping others.  Most share the reason for being Lions members because they felt they could make a greater difference in the welfare of others by joining a highly committed service organization.  All have discovered the strength that comes with numbers of men and women joined in the common cause of giving back to the community and offering their helping hands for the less fortunate.
The Town of Loomis and its surrounding area is a peaceful part of the world composed primarily of fruit orchards, lengthy water canals, quiet residential areas, and a ‘no-stop’ train that moves slowly close by.

The area enjoys wonderful weather, green rolling hills, fields open for cows and horses, wild turkeys, high flying geese, and a vast variety of bird life.  People move here and rarely move away choosing to settle for many very good reasons.

The Loomis Lions Club resides in the middle of this wonderful part of the world.  Is it no wonder that Loomis has an excellent club with members wanting to give thanks for their good life as community volunteers?