Loomis Lions Club
Serving the Loomis Basin and Beyond since 1953

This Loomis Lions Club Internet web page was last  updated on 26 November, 2012 by Lion Jack Morris, MJF

Music for ‘Where’s Loomis?” Composed and Performed by Loomis Artist Lenny Green

You have reached the home page of the Loomis Lions Club located in the Sierra Foothills near Sacramento and mid-way between San Francisco and Reno, Nevada.  As you peruse our web site you will recognize that our club is like no other in all of Lionism.

We are a small town club with big city aspirations and we enjoy the support of our community in all our projects.  We represent Americana at its best and we welcome you to our web site and we hope you will lunch with us very soon.  

Lion Jody’s leadership with the strong support of the membership pays off
Each year the Loomis Lions Club takes to the street for a one day fund drive to beef up the club’s ability to assist folks with vision problems.  Despite the hard times so many of us are enduring, the community continues to give its hard earned cash to help the less fortunate through donations to the Loomis Lions Club.

Lions Clubs around the world are know for their devotion to vision needs, and Loomis, like Lions clubs everywhere, assists with prescriptions and eyeglasses when the need is brought to their attention.

The annual campaign known as White Cane Day, is a cash collection effort that is 100% reserved for these special eyesight requests and all the monies are reserved for only vision problems within the club’s local area.  In other words, money collected here, stays here.
Lion Jody Hebard has been a member of the local club for several years.  During her membership she has taken the reigns of the White Cane Day managerial task as one of her several contributions to community.  She is also involved in projects such as the bi-annual club crab feeds and assisting in the scholarship projects.

Lion Jody selected two high pedestrian traffic areas for the White Cane Day collection sites as the Post Office on Taylor Road and Raley’s Market on Horseshoe Bar Road.

A large number of club members signed up to work the two collection sites on 18 October.  The volunteers included Jack/Freda Morris, Val/Malcolm Singer, Ron Jones, Jody/Buzz Hebard, Tom Ward, Gil Martin, John Winger, Henry Schneider, Bob Freeman, Earl Trumble, and Randy Elder.
A Hallmark Moment
Lion/Eagle Scout Ed Horton celebrated during Scouting 90th Anniversary in Loomis

November’s community crab feed was a winner according to Lion Bud Nobili, one of the bi-annual event’s managers.

He sent a lengthy email of congratulations to those club members who worked with him.  He cited their contributions and support by name.

Treasurer Malcolm Singer tabulated the programs costs and donations and assured the membership the club would have the cash once again for the its high school scholarships, the vision and hearing assistance, and for the many unique requests the club receives for emergency support.

As in past years, the club’s crab feed filled every available seat.