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Lions Eyeglasses delivered by Cruise Ship to Guatemala

Two District 4-C5 Lions combine Caribbean Vacation with Vision Mission of Mercy.

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Lions Focus on Vision Needs

Lions Clubs throughout the world focus much of their energy and service to community by assisting the less fortunate with their vision needs. The sole purpose of this eyeglass delivery was to provide the Lions members of Guatemala with strong support for their future vision clinics in villages too poor to acquire eyeglasses of their own.

This delivery was assembled in central California by the Folsom Project for the Visually Impaired.  All 600 eyeglasses were professionally cleaned, repaired, and rated for their lens power.  They arrived at the port of Santo Tomas de Castilla in ready-to-wear ‘like new’ condition.

Antigua Lions Delegation

The 6 members of the Antigua Lions Club traveled a great distance over roads not easily traversed.  Their club house, known locally as ‘The Cave’, is located in central Guatemala and is nearly 200 miles from the port of Santo Tomas de Castilla.

Head of the Lions delegation was Lions Past District Governor for Guatemala Miguel Angel Soto G.  Dr. Soto is Chief, Departamento Pediatria, Hospital Nacional Antigua, Guatemala.

The Soto Lions delegation also included: Viky Soto, Mynor Estrada, Club Past President Luis Sergio Moreira, Peter Chang,  and Club Past Secretary Alejandro Soto Rodriquez.

Gen Mgr F. Galzy presents Plaque to Lion Dr. M. Soto
    At 2:30 PM on 8 January six Lions members of the local Antigua Lions Club arrived dockside and presented their papers to Mariner’s security.  Quickly admitted for boarding, they were greeted by Loomis Lion Jack Morris on their arrival  inside the ship’s Observation Lounge.  They were warmly applauded by the gathering of ship’s officers and guests.
    Mariner staff presented the visitors with finger foods, beverages and champagne. This was followed by introductions and a short explanation of Lionism  by Jack Morris for the benefit of ship’s passenger guests.
    The large carton containing more than 600 refurbished eyeglasses had been specially wrapped by Mariner’s staff.  It was presented to the Antigua Lions by Loomis Lions Freda and Jack Morris at 3:00 PM.
    Previous to the ceremony, the ship’s publicity announced the program in the daily newsletter reaching all passengers on board.  A special video taping pf the event was broadcast that evening on the ship’s cabin television sets.
    Mariner officials Cruise Director Paul Reynolds and General Manager Franck Galzy presented the visiting Lions with a ship’s wall decoration and Elsa McLean, Ship’s Hostess, gave the Antigua Lions a personal tour of the m/s Mariner.  She then escorted the Guatemala Lions members off the ship moments before the cruise liner departed Santo Tomas port.