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Loomis Lions Club
Serving the Loomis Basin and Beyond since 1953
Club History

In early 1953 a group of town merchants and farm owners from around the Loomis Basin organized a Lions Club for their area.  Working with them and encouraging these area leaders was a large Lions Club in the city of Roseville, California.  After a brief debate, the Loomis Lions Club became a reality and the club which stood behind them changed their own name from Roseville to Roseville Host Lions Club at the same time.


The Loomis Club began with slightly more than 40 charter members and in the nearly 60 years that followed, it quickly became and has long remained one of the strongest clubs in the Lions District 4-C5 area.  At this writing in 2011, membership remains fairly constant between 48 and 52 and the goal of the club is to reach 60 members before the end of the calendar year.

You have reached the home page of the Loomis Lions Club located in the Sierra Foothills near Sacramento and mid-way between San Francisco and Reno, Nevada.  As you peruse our web site you will quickly recognize that our club is like no other in all of Lionism.  We are a small town club with big city aspirations and we enjoy the support of our community in all the projects we undertake.  We represent Americana at its best and we welcome you to our web site and hope that you will, one day, lunch with us at one of our meetings.  

Election Results
A hallmark moment
A club member becomes a Melvin Jones Fellow
          Treasurer                         President                           Secretary
Malcolm Singer              Ron Morris                 Freda Morris

•  Ron Jones               President

•  Tom Ward                1st Vice President

•  John Winger             2nd Vice President

•  Gordon Harris          3rd Vice President

•  Ron Morris                Past President

•  Malcolm Singer         Treasurer

•  Vicky Morris             Secretary


•  Bob Christiansen     Board Member 1 Year

•  Gerry Nash              Board Member 1 Year

•  Jack Morris              Board Member 2 Year

•  Dave Lucey             Board Member 2 Year


•  Henry Schneider     Membership Director

•  Tom Millward           Lion Tamer

•  Bud Nobili                Tail Twister



•  Jim Makimoto           Club Chaplain

•  Jack Morris             Parliamentarian


For 58 years the Loomis Lions Club membership has taken the election of club officers seriously.  Only those members who have a long history of commitment to community service and an expressed interest in club leadership are selected.  The list of members below have surpassed these requirements and were elected as club officers for the year 2011-2012.